On Record

Following is an 8 minute and 10 second long recording of a man on a commode. We hear a sniff. An ancient cough fluttering like a pigeon squeezing through the nose-canal. Naturally followed by a failed attempt at throat-clearing. Our ears buzz. The man speaks right into the microphone. His insistence is clear and deplorable. […]

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There are corpses riding aboard the midnight train. The hunchbacked punch-bags of no pain, no gain. Death is but the decryption of their job description

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You may think you’ve grown old and wise with your hands dipped yellow in Mac D’s fries. But you sure do act a bit surprised when the kid who cleans your car outside gives you free advice on how to manage your budget.

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An Amnesiac Poltergeist

I was alive today yes, I’m quite sure I was it came as a surprise like a soft knock on the door or a drop of rain water falling through the roof I was alive today maybe not yesterday or even the day before but certainly today yes I’m quite sure I was.

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A Writer’s Itch

The need to write without having a story to tell is how I imagine erectile dysfunction must be like. Here I am, three cups of coffee down, slumped over a chair that is more a glorified stool with back support, with grandiose ideas in mind, biting, scratching, and slashing in need of immediate attention, as […]

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A Photograph

I don’t remember you smiling often in the time you still could But in a moment you didn’t choose in a dress you hated with all your heart on a morning you missed your coffee someone clicked a photograph and that’s how we’ll remember you.

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The End

One day you’ll wake up it’ll be your last morning but you wouldn’t know. You’ll eat your bread and drink your milk off to meet the world with a satisfied smile. You’ll gift some change to the man on the bridge sitting where you walk and he’ll bless you. Maybe you’ll ditch work and spend […]

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So yeah apparently I’m gonna record this. Fuck. I am pretty sure that I am depressed. I’m not even trying to be the guy fishing for sympathy in a casual conversation about omelets, by saying something like “I never had them cause my mother is dead”. I actually have proof. See a couple hours ago, […]

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Broken Wings

Broken wings quietly taking in the scent of an ending. Finding shelter in the rain. Lying motionless on the wet soil under a pale brown umbrella, near a white window sill, through which appears someone quiet gone quieter still.

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Another Cold Night

Will the fire die? The wind is cold. Not strong, but it’ll do. For now, yes it will. Later if it’s gone, I’ll move elsewhere. Maybe build a house. Maybe learn to cook. And time will pass, like the wind. And maybe someday, I’ll pass too. My exams that is. If only I’d stop burning […]

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Inventing Aliens

Searching for another, and yet we pass; eyes trying not to meet, on trains forever headed anywhere but home. Groomed too long in the dark. Listening only to crackles of moth wings, around the same flame. Hesitant and paranoid, we flash torches at the night awaiting shooting stars.

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Lucifer Sam

Lucifer Sam, the headless cat By the banks he sat, didn’t bat An eye or a nail Time to set sail, In a boat he found Deep underground And so he was gone After a lazy yawn And a flick of his tail Which grew old and frail Day by Day White lights lit the […]

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Spiders and Flies

Spiders on the cramped ceiling Silently doing their shady dealings Flies all around are kneeling Due to strangely human feelings Their thoughts have remained bound And that is how, I have found I don’t know, how they sound.

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Dry Ice

constructionthere’s always someand a barking dogand a screaming kid andsand scribbled overcars facing southpegions lostin a hail ofhalf eaten leavesdead airand polythenes. I smell coldI’m getting old there’s dry icein the freezer

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If it could be sold

I’d buy love off the street sitting alone is work drink in my handmay as well be coffee I raise my handlower itand so on,like a kidlocking eyeswith an unnatural authority yeahI’d buy love off the street shit I’d pay double.

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Car Scar

There’s a car. You don’t need to know which brand it is. You dont need to know who’s driving it. You don’t need to know the color. There’s just a car. It’s side-view mirror is hanging depressed. It has been 3 seconds since a motorcyclist ended up riding closer to it than he appeared to […]

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“severance”says the snakeunderneaththe sewer gratethen slithersback underwater gotta takea new route tothe same old place sprint on a treadmillplay dead on cold sand “severanceperseverance. I’m never coming out”

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घरेलू बक्चोदी

ये शादी का आइडिया अलग ही बक्चोदी है। आप किसी के साथ नही रह सकते इतने लंबे समय तक यार। सालों साल। एक ही इंसान को हर चीज बताते हुए। कोई एक पल है – पल पल पल – जब आप अपना दिमाग खो कर चप्पल खाने वाली बातें बोलने लगते है। ना आपको पता […]

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Sun soaked candlessmoking up the hood it’s a funeralthey sayI just came for the food yeah yeahI know I should haveturned back at the gates turns outthe widow ishanding out the plates ah well shedoesn’t seem to mindhanding me one too So I eat. And I leave.And I wonderif she’s still there.

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under insanity’scauldronsmoldering blacklook there’ssome shumck’svocal cords all banged upand drying oh now don’t youstart crying It’s cute just one more wayof pressing mute

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Night Owl

my moonlit feather why yes, I spywith my last eye on you!yes you! perchedon that cracked windowright across from me you’re a singerI knowAnd I know you think I’m just a sleazy guywho wants youto sit on his finger but blink this ain’t a dream thisis a piece of paperoneyou’d love to sign No. Not […]

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Right By An Auto-Repair Shop

Wear something else man. Why does it have to be Pink Floyd? I don’t need to see that. Wear some other t-shirt. I know you bought it cause someone else was like, “that looks cool.” And maybe it does. I never tried wearing an album cover. But The Wall? C’mon. That album art is a […]

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